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Stem cells hold painless cure for baldness

STEM cell technology is expected to bring a cure for severe hair loss and will be tried on people suffering boldness due to genetic reason or scalp injury, Shanghai doctors said today. Dr Li Guihai from the plastic surgery department of the PLA No. 455 Hospital said similar technology has been tested in laboratory in China and abroad but it will take years for it to enter clinical use. "Doctors can collect hair follicles and separate follicle stem cells," he said. "The stem cells will be cultivated into many follicle cells in the laboratory and transplanted back to the patient." Hair transplant technology is developing fast in recent years. Doctors can collect hair follicles and transplant them directly into the bold area without leaving scars. Previously, doctors must remove a piece of scalp to collect follicles. The procedure always leaves a scar on the patient. "Stem cell technology will make the procedure painless and the patient is spared of long hours in the surgery room to remove the follicles," Li said.


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