Officials pledge to improve lives

Huangjia Lu

Huangjia Lu

Sums it up.

Improving people's lives needs to be the ultimate goal of Shanghai's 12th Five-Year Plan and this year will be crucial as the city continues to restructure its economy, senior officials of Shanghai's top political advisory body said as its annual session opened yesterday. About 750 members of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference participated in the opening session. It marked the start of a week where suggestions can be made to the government via committee members.

The annual session of the Shanghai People's Congress, the city's top legislative body, will open today. "After a successful World Expo, Shanghai should focus on economic restructuring based on the Expo experience," said Li Liangyuan, vice chairman of the Shanghai Committee of the CPPCC. "To improve livelihoods through sustainable development should be a priority in the 12th Five-Year Plan." This year is the first year in the plan and it serves as a guideline for development through 2015. Examining a 12th Five-Year Plan draft tops the agenda of the annual sessions of both the SPC and the Shanghai Committee of the CPPCC this year.

"Our committee will continue to give practical advice based on the recommendations of the people to make Shanghai better," Li said. CPPCC members made more than 300 proposals yesterday. Proposals covered topics such as disaster prevention after the November 15 high-rise fire tragedy, food safety, environment protection, fair education, affordable housing, consumer price controls, supervision of state-owned enterprises and making the planned Shanghai Disneyland a profitable park. Today, 865 deputies are expected to take part in the opening ceremony of the annual session of the Shanghai People's Congress. Deputies will hear the government's yearly work report delivered by Mayor Han Zheng.


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