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Chilly days and filthy air ahead

Shanghai is expecting another cold front and a steep fall in temperature, the weather forecaster says today.

The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau warns that the temperature will plunge tonight and reach nearly zero degrees Celsius at the weekend.

The low will be 6 degrees Celsius today and reach zero around Sunday while the high will be around 7 degrees in the next few days, the bureau said.

Today remains rainy with temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees. The sky will turn to cloudy tomorrow afternoon with the mercury hovering between 6 and 10 degrees.

Today is "daxue" or Heavy Snow according to the Chinese lunar calendar, indicating the arrival of snowy weather. But Shanghai will have fine weather in the next few days.

As the average daily temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius in the next five days, tomorrow could be the first day of winter.

The weather bureau also warns that the city's air quality might not be good as pollutants from North China are blown in by the cold currents.


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